Arthur Chapman RIP

The Community Bank is sad to announce the death of Arthur Chapman at the age of 76. Arthur was a founder volunteer for the Credit Union having taken early retirement for a senior management position with NatWest bank. His vision for the then Credit Union and his enthusiasm and drive provided much of the initial energy to get the operation approved by the Financial Service Authority and started in Hatfield Road.
Arthur’s forte was his easy manner and sympathy with all kinds of customers. He was ever anxious to help by way of loans where he could. His strong selling approach meant that all borrowers had to promise to observe one extra condition of their loan – to advertise the Credit Union vigorously to their friends – and some actually did so! Arthur’s support was also key in operating the arrangement for rental loans, commissioned and backed by the District Council. His hands on approach, impatient of delay, meant that many applicants were quickly provided with a rental deposit loan to secure a desperately needed new property.
Arthur and his wife Joyce moved to Eastbourne in 2014 to be close to his son Stephen and family. An immediate grief was that their daughter Catherine unexpectedly died at the end of 2014 after a short illness. Arthur himself has latterly suffered badly with osteoarthritis but his death in hospital on 5 April came as the result of a stroke. May he rest in peace and now enjoy his reward..

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