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Becoming a member is easy! Anyone who lives and/or works in Hertfordshire can join.

Fill in the application form here

We’ll need to check your identity.

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There is a (non-refundable) administration fee of £2 and you will need to open your savings account with at least £1 – That’s it!

You will become part-owner of your local community bank – St Albans Community Bank! You will join more than a million people who are members of the credit union movement in Great Britain.

In most cases, there are no annual or monthly fees.  We may make a small charge of not more than £5 for keeping the account live if your account has a low balance of £50 or less and you do not make any savings or loan transactions over a 12 month period. Before making any such charge, we will always give you at least six weeks’ notice in writing, to provide the opportunity to reactivate the account.

Joint accounts and corporate membership are also available under certain conditions (please contact for details). People under the age of 16 may become Young Savers with certain restrictions (please contact for details).


"I'm not just another customer, I'm part-owner of a community bank which exists only for the benefit of our members!"

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