What is a Community Bank?

We are a local not-for-profit financial co-operative run by members for members. We provide affordable loans and safe savings to the community in the St Albans district. We have no external shareholders, so any surpluses we make are ploughed back into running the bank or are paid as a dividend to our members.

We are part of the credit union movement which has a combined membership of over 1.25 million, over £1.3 billion in assets and more that £750 million in outstanding loans.

St Albans Community Bank is the trading name of St Albans District Credit Union. Like any organization we have rules. While not many will wish to read them in detail, they can be found here

St Albans Community Bank is open for membership to anyone who lives or works in Hertfordshire

"We save with the St Albans Community Bank to keep our money safe and local. And, as members, we get priority when we need a loan."