Loans – normally up to £5000, but up to £15000 can be available to homeowners – are available for any reasonable purpose, such as:

  • car purchase
  • home rental deposit
  • home improvements
  • holidays
  • rail season tickets
  • weddings
  • driving lessons
  • solar panels/home insulation
  • and many other things

We also offer loans to help you pay off debts which are at much higher rates of interest than we charge and so reduce your repayments. We do not charge fees for arranging loans and loans can be repaid early at any time without penalty.

All our loans, including our homeowner loan, are unsecured.

Our interest rates are usually lower than other forms of credit. There are no hidden extras and, if you pay off the loan early, you pay less interest – no penalties. Which type of loan is best for you?

"When I needed to change my car, I borrowed the money from St Albans Community Bank. It was a much better rate than the dealer offered."

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