Standard Loans

For those who can show that they are able to meet the repayments, but who do not meet the criteria for a saver loan.

We will of course make credit checks to ensure that any loan is affordable for you (details here)

If you are not already a member of St Albans Community Bank, you will be required to join before a loan can be issued. Join Today

Interest on a standard loan will normally be charged at 3% per month for loans under £1000(APR 42.6%) or >2% per month for loans £1000+(APR 42.6%) but in some cases (e.g. people with a good credit history and/or people with a regular income, etc.) the rate can be 1% per month (APR 12.7%).

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"We wanted to get a flat together. We could afford the rent but the deposit was just too much all in one go. We spoke to St Albans Community Bank and got a loan that we could afford"