Safer Gambling Week

Have you ever found it hard to talk about gambling, or to seek support? You’re not alone. Worrying that they’ll be judged is one of the biggest barriers that prevents people seeking help and talking openly about their experience. If you’re worried about how gambling is making you feel, or it’s affecting someone you care about, talking to someone can really help. So, let’s open up about gambling. A useful starting point can be understanding if gambling is causing difficulties, by understanding the early signs of gambling harms. Things like feeling you’re spending too much time or money on gambling, or that it’s always on your mind. Maybe you’re feeling worried or guilty about your gambling, or have been keeping it a secret? GambleAware’s short quiz can help you understand how gambling might be affecting you or someone you care about. It only takes a few minutes to complete, all answers provided are anonymous and you’ll be provided with free, tailored support. You can find this quiz, plus other advice, tools and support on the GambleAware website.

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